Monday, 10 April 2017

Thaleia Kavvada - Video post-production

I’m currently working on the post-production of the video for my primary piece. I shot several videos depicting different backgrounds/environments, changing the lighting in order to achieve a projection result as realistic as possible.

Although my initial idea was to have a woman sitting on a rocking chair reading the poem,

I ended up with this...

And after a couple of hours experimenting with various actions and movements, I decided to have the actor walking around the space.

I then had to find the lighting that would give my projected video the most realistic effect.

While projecting the videos on the curtain, it was clear that the most effective one was the one with the strong light towards the curtain. But in terms of the aesthetics of the image, I prefer the one with the floor lamp and the rocking chair at the background. So I decided to go for that one. At the moment, I am working on Premiere editing the video, a still of which in its current form is this:


  1. Looks like this is really coming together Thaleia. I am excited to see the final piece.

  2. Like the surreal aesthetics of the piece so far! looking forward to seeing the final result - Laura

  3. Julie- Looks really interesting Thaliea. Cant wait to see it all installed!