Friday, 21 April 2017

Maddie Smith- Decisions around the beachut

I am struggling with the beach hut. I am working into it bit by bit in short bursts that last less then an hour. I am struggling with the positioning of it and have played around with this. I feel it might need to be taller. I am seeking outside advice.

I have thought about laying it down and resting it the box. This suggests a brokenness. I'm not sure if this is what I am going for, although it does create a certain tension.

I have to think. Do I want create a more peaceful sculpture? The box of painful memories sitting by the sea, resting. Or do I want to think about this tension created by a more dismantled beach hut, that almost suggests a threat?


  1. I prefer the positioning of the wood in the second image - it is much clearer to me what the sculpture is suggesting. When i think of a beach hut i think of colourful little huts - I can't remember what sort of beach hut you describe in your poem but maybe experimenting with flaking paint or something? I really like the wood you are working with - its got a great look to it.- Laura


    If you follow that link it shows an image that i thought may be handy for inspiration - Laura

  3. Thanks for this laura I will experiment with flaking paint on samples of wood. Maddie

  4. i agree with Laura it needs something to link it to a beach hut more, flaky paint is a great idea. Maybe construct a broken down corner of a hut with part of a window frame? I dont mean too much though. or objects like an old tattered deck chair frame or something that makes you think of beach, old rope? i like the rusty nails though, it makes it feel very raw which is very emotive.
    Also was thinking of the projection idea could you put waves on a shore behind the box or project waves onto the floor near the box. And/or the sound of waves, so its on the beach with these visual and or audio clues/suggestions.???-julie