Saturday, 1 April 2017

Maddie Smith- Building the box

I am building a box, covered in broken pallets and driftwood. I will wrap ribbons around it and nail roses to it for the exhibition. I will scatter sand over the top of the sculpture. These roses will need to be replaced during the time of the exhibition but I will allow them to dry out to a degree.

I have plans to build a beach hut and have gathered some pallets.

I have some decisions to make as I build.

Do I want to experiment with colour or just use beachy coloured wood. What colours would I use in places? Blue? White? Do I want to use some stripy fabric on the inside of the beach hut. If I do it will probably be burnt into the wood.

Do I want one side of the beach hut lopsided?

I am a bit concerned about it looking an arch and for this reason will not be placing roses around it. I will experiment with scale.

I will probably be piecing the beach hut together in the gallery, unless I use collapsible fastenings.  

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