Saturday, 8 April 2017

Laura Wake - Further experiments with double exposures

Some more experimenting with self portraits and the 6 different locations

Top to Bottom 

Lake District
Lake District

The last image was an experiment with colour which i don't think works very well  as it seems too distracting- confirming I am going to keep the images black and white throughout the series.  The Second image is too light and does not bring the silhouette of the portrait out enough. I quite like the other two but don't particularly like the portrait staring back at the viewer. I still prefer the overall look of the image from my last post. More experimenting needed!


  1. Hi Laura,

    I love the second image, the sweeping-ness of it. I agree with you about the colour and the image with the eye contact.


  2. Julie- I agree too, I like the second image too, the way its blurred at some edges and less defined.