Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Julie James-Turner - Starting on my next piece of work

So Ive started pondering my next piece of work, which is also in response to my original poem 'Song'. I'm fascinated by black crows and am pondering how I can convey a sense of their mysteriousness and their symbolic link to the afterlife.

So far Ive digitally embroidered feathers on crisp black taffeta, a fabric often used in Victorian mourning garments. Ive used different shades of black thread and broken the colour within the same feather to suggest the sheen on black feathers.



  1. I love the materials and subtle colours you've used here Julie - it's really effective at conveying your themes! Is this going to be a full garment? - Laura

  2. thanks Laura. I decided on a glove, so im experimenting at the moment, but with suggestions of a garment too. Will post some more up soon. How are you getting on Id love to see some of your photos?