Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Maddie Smith- "To scrape the stars into a dirty jar, with long and pointed nails"

I have left the circus idea behind. I am now thinking of displaying the film in a clear cut environment.

I am unhappy with way it has been edited and am going to focus on one image for about 45 seconds to a minute.

I am going to either speak the words of the poem or have them displayed as titles.

These are my ideas-

-“Sweetheart I like the way you shake your tail feather” Male eating a red feather, smoke and feathers.

 -“You are the queen of the bees knee” Cut between bees and my knees being grated with honeycomb.

- “Brothers of blues and lovers of so much more” female mouth, blue lipstick, eating red love heart sequins.

-“Come back to mine and let limbs tangle till dawn” Red lipstick line being drawn down a leg. Legs tangling.

Do I need two images to contrast each image?

I experimented with one sculptural piece. A lightly painted jam jar with many different sized diamante’s inside and some rusty nails. I took photographs of this. This was an exploration of the line “To scrape the stars into a dirty jar, with long and pointed nails”. I am happy with some of the photographs.

I am no longer thinking about stitching out the poem. Just having it typed and displayed, large.

I took a lot of photographs. Some of the photographs came out too blurred. I have made a selection.


  1. love the photos maddie. just some thoughts could you project photos/film onto objects/sculptures that illustrate or link with the poem?

  2. Thanks For this comment. Definitely something to think about and discuss at the artists meet up. Maddie

  3. The sculpture makes for some really interesting photographs Maddie!