Saturday, 18 March 2017

Maddie Smith. New poems, new ideas

New Poems- New Ideas.

Although I am continuing to develop ideas for the poem “Hey Cowboy” and have not abandoned this film, I have written three new poems. Once edited I will post the poems on the blog.

I am exploring the therapeutic concept of “Boxing it”. This is the idea of boxing painful memories, things that cannot be dealt with in the here and now. Acknowledging they exist but placing them away for the time being.

The poems deal with three different characters and have inspired early ideas for sculptural pieces, places that people might “box” their painful memories.

Poem 1 – A box made of broken pallet and driftwood, wrapped in white ribbons, roses wove around it, scattered in sand.

Poem 2- A suitcase, with clothes taken travelling, the painful memories have started to scold.

Poem 3- For this character memories hit her when she doing her shopping. A plastic shopping bag, pieces of broken bricks inside, wrapped in chains.

These are initial ideas.   

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